About Us

Fish4Africa is a passionate fresh fish and seafood supplier that runs its own deli store outlets and has a presence in the bigger retail supermarkets. Before our business started to grow and expand, we exported and supplied all our fish directly to other fish outlets. After noticing an increase in demand for our products from the general public, we decided to launch our own deli stores in 2005 and meet the customer face-to-face.

It has been an exciting journey since then. We have owned and operated our own fishing vessels for the last 23 years which has given us a competitive edge when it comes to giving our customers qualified expertise and advice on fresh fish enquiries.

Jose Moniz has steadily grown it to three deli store outlets that are located in Woodstock (our flagship store), Monte Vista and Strand.

Fish4Africa has grown its staff compliment substantially in order to service the customer more effectively. Our staff are dedicated and committed to growing the Fish4Africa brand and have largely contributed to our success today.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals, some who are qualified skippers and have an intricate understanding of the fishing industry and its operations.

Fish4Africa in bigger retail supermarkets

As our business started to expand, we recognised there was a need to supply the local market and ensure food security. This created an opportunity to supply the bigger supermarkets with our fresh fish and seafood products as part of a wider distribution.

The initiative to partner with retail outlets was undertaken by Nicolette De Freitas (Operations Manager), who is now responsible for the retail distribution side of the business, supplying select SuperSpar and Pick ‘n Pay outlets as well as managing some of their fish counters.

As the business has grown in the retail space, we’ve been privileged to create more employment opportunities amongst candidates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and encourage more women to enter the industry by providing training and upskilling opportunities.


  • Traceability
  • Freshness
  • Variety
  • Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Skills Development
  • Professionalism


Fish4Africa is a proud member of the South African Tuna Association and South African Hake Longline Association (SAHLLA).These are industry bodies that aim to interact, advocate and protect the interest of the Hake Long Line and Tuna Pole Fishery and Rights Holders.

Additional role of SAHLLA include the following:

  • To participate in fisheries management committees of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF), and make contribution towards sound fisheries management.  To assist DAFF with the ongoing research, forwarding data on a regular basis to its research institute, and assisting the assessment of exploitation levels of hake stock.  To assist DAFF with vessel monitoring, observers and appointing certain discharge points, as well as assisting with funding.
  • To promote sound resource management programs, taking into account the evidence of scientific impact of various user groups on the resource, economy and environment.  To promote effective compliance, policing and monitoring of the entire Republic of South African coastline and its resource.
  • To practice and promote conservation of our hake resources, with the objective of long-term optimal utilisation.
  • Form a database, and create interaction between fisheries and processors, to create a high level of quality control, and to maintain a good market.



Jose Moniz
083 384 5874

Nicolette De Freitas

083 258 4485